About Us

"We are different, we are a collective of brilliant minds"

Based on over nine years of research, experiments and AI models, the technologies we merge create opportunities in the cannabis, chemical, botanical and medical fields. Our team brings over 100 years of expertise and proven track records.

Our research has global implications and sheds light as to why so many diseases exist not just in plants. Proof of this is in many papers, but even more importantly in the work we produce. From DNA replication to how a plant senses gravity, we break down each step and hack it to its maximum potential. We repeat this process and with each iteration, we become faster, better and smarter.

We are a collection of brilliant minds under one roof with a purpose. We question anything and everything redefining of what is possible. With our focused approach the results we deliver prove real world applications.

In the end the technologies we create are about growing healthy stable ecosystems for the betterment of humanity.

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